Qualification as a foundation

euro delkredere was foundet by Horst Meißel and is now run by entrepreneurs who act and decide in a customer-friendly fashion without ever losing touch of the respective company.

We provide innovative and tailor-made services and solutions in numerous European countries.

A committed team is on hand with a high personal and professional competence.


Theodor Alkemper

Managing partner (CFO)

Theodor Alkemper, our CFO, has been responsible for Finance at euro delkredere for twenty years now, and, since 2016, has additionally been a managing partner.

In 1987, after studying Business Management, he began a career in commerce, during which he then spent twelve years gathering experience in executive positions in companies such as the Tengelmann Group and the Eurest/Compass Group.

Before joining euro delkredere, he was Head of Controlling at Eurest/Compass Group, German Division.

He has comprehensive knowledge of Finance, Controlling, Treasury und IT Strategies, and successfully played, inter alia, a leading role in introducing the SAP R/2 und R/3 systems.

Horst Meißel

Founder euro delkredere (Managing director Interfinanz Holding GmbH)

Before founding euro delkredere, Horst Meißel (founder and managing director) gained 25 years of experience in top management in various companies such as Tengelmann, Kaufhof and Coop Handels AG. His last position at Emil Tengelmann OHG Munich was that of divisional manager and spokesman for the management.

In 1999, he took the step into self-employment and founded the company euro delkredere, which he has developed into a cross-sector and internationally recognized company.



The team of euro delkredere committedly and very competently customises product solutions in the product segments of Centralised Settlement, Del Credere Coverage and Supply Chain Finance. Our experts are always happy to provide skilled advice concerning all aspects of our product portfolio.


Facts and figures

euro delkredere is an independent trade, wholesale and industry office with upwards of 180 clients and 20,000+ suppliers in more than fifty countries. Our renowned clients are in many cases global players who lead the market in their field of business.

Since it was founded in 1999, euro delkredere has grown continuously. The annual regulated turnover has grown from an initial 200 million euros to a two-digit billion amount and continues to rise.

global clients
global suppliers
Active in more than 50 countries