Dynamic discounting

euro delkredere dynamic discounting links purchasing companies with their suppliers on a single platform for implementation of mutual benefits:

  • suppliers are involved in additional liquidity
  • purchasing companies obtain risk-free yields

Utilise your own liquidity to profit from supplier discount offers and obtain risk-free yields on your free liquidity along your supply chain with euro delkredere dynamic discounting.

Dynamic Discounting
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Dynamic discount development

Our product solution provides customer and suppliers with a comprehensive portal to optimise income and liquidity flexible along the supply chain.

In our digital application, customer and suppliers negotiate dynamic payment targets and cash discount rates.

euro delkredere dynamic discounting is as straightforward as a payment term, offering full control and automation in existing billing and payment processes.

Optimisation of working capital and liquidity

euro delkredere dynamic discounting provides customer and supplier with an auction-based opportunity to generate working capital and liquidity quickly and easily according to personal taste and requirements.

Invoices authorised by the customer on a daily basis are automatically uploaded to the portal and at the start of each event become available to the supplier for easy processing.

Step 1 – Setup

Customers upload their authorised bills to the portal and invite their suppliers to the event.

Step 2 – Event

Suppliers are able to allow the customer to settle invoices in advance in exchange for a discount, with euro delkredere dynamic discounting providing the corresponding digital marketplace.

Step 3 – Clearing

The system supplies all participants with the required information for direct prepayment.

Benefits for customer and suppliers

Digital supply chain finance constitutes the present and future of working capital management

For customer

Use of free liquidity to benefit from attractive discounts by paying confirmed invoices early

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    generate additional income
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    control of sustainability goals

For suppliers

Access to additional liquidity to reduce financing expenses

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    prior access to liquidity
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    improvement of financial conditions
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    improvement of liquidity management

Customer portal – euro delkredere direkt

Our intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic discounting solution is completely integrated into our portal. You are given a continuous overview of the current status of your offers and that of your suppliers’ corresponding bids. All relevant information is available to you in a variety of dashboard and in multiple languages.


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